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Posthumous Sperm Donation

In 2022, the short-lived 24th Knesset passed early-stage legislation to authorize the IDF to ask enlisting male soldiers if they would want their sperm posthumously extracted should they die in service. Posthumous sperm donation continues to be a topic of great interest and controversy, especially during the ongoing war. 

What are the Jewish perspectives on posthumous sperm donation, and what are the various ethical and halachic questions that arise in these cases?

You can learn more from Rabbi Brody’s teachings on this topic below.

Rabbi Brody’s article, “Should Israel Allow Posthumous Sperm Donation” appeared in The Jerusalem Post, and delves into the various rabbinic opinions. 

“Between Death and Life: Yibum, Orphanhood, and the Controversy over Posthumous Sperm Retrieval” given at Congregation Rinat Yisrael, is a more in depth discussion of the issues.


Listen to Rabbi Brody discuss posthumous sperm retrieval on the Halacha Headlines podcast, followed by interviews with Irit Rosenblum and Dr. Gideon Weitzman.

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