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Public Policy

Healthcare decisions are not taken in a vacuum. They are made in a specific political, socioeconomic, and cultural climate which greatly impacts the medical options given to patients and their families.

In our sensitive political moment, it is essential for rabbis to be aware of the policy questions that will shape our individual and communal healthcare experience. These are critical public policy questions which are greatly shaped by values. They relate to larger moral questions that society needs to face as medical innovation and technological revolutions deeply impact the human experience.

For both fundamental and practical reasons, it is critical for the Jewish community to be engaged in these discussions and to bring our values and interests to the table. This is part of our duty as committed Jews and engaged citizens. Rabbis can play a critical role in speaking out on these topics and spreading awareness of their importance.

Ematai is committed to bringing Jewish wisdom to the public sphere. To this highly relevant moral frontier, Ematai brings together rabbis, healthcare professionals, ethicists, and communal leaders to represent Judaism with a wise and nuanced voice.

If you are a rabbi or Jewish thought leader interested in further engaging in these topics, please reach out to us.

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