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Continuing Education

Rabbis can play a critical role in their congregants’ healthcare journey.  They provide pastoral counseling in challenging times, offer halakhic guidance, visit the ill in their homes or hospital rooms, and comfort the bereaved in a time of mourning.  They are also frequently called upon to provide Jewish wisdom in helping people make complex choices regarding end-of-life care.

Ematai is committed to empowering rabbis with greater tools in counseling their members.  Our continuing education programs will help provide them with a fuller understanding of the issues surrounding end-of-life care and the rabbi’s role during this critical period.

Resources include:

  • Netivot advance directive and conversation guide catered toward the Jewish community
  • Assistance completing POLSTs and other end-of-life care directives
  • Webinars explaining different types of medical interventions
  • Classes on positive communication skills with healthcare providers
  • Continuing training on pastoral care

If you are a rabbi and would like to be connected with our programming or WhatsApp groups, please contact us

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