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Passover Prayer for the Hostages

Pesach, the holiday that celebrates our freedom from slavery in Egypt, begins Monday evening, April 22nd. 

During this joyful celebration, we cannot forget the 133 hostages who are not yet free. The Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi David Lau shlita, has composed a special tefillah for the release of the hostages. It should be recited at the Seder, before Vehi Sheamda. 

Rabbi Lau said, “Each one of us has the holy obligation to feel the pain of our neighbor and to recite a special prayer during the momentous event of reading the Passover Haggadah, and to remember and pray for those hostages who are in pain and captivity”

Ematai has created a downloadable PDF of Rabbi Lau’s tefilla including the English translation. You can download it below.

We hope and pray the hostages will be home before Pesach and that this tefilla will not be needed.

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